12th June 2018 0

Nae-FC: the ultimate homemade chicken burger

By David Walker

Get ready for my next fakeaway recipe: I’m taking on the chicken burger.

Succulent chicken breast with bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on a brioche burger bun. The marinade on this one is spectacular and you’re definitely going to want to try it.

Especially when you find out it’s only 440 calories!

2nd June 2018 0

Lost 7, gained 7

By David Walker

Last week I wrote about how I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with my weight and it’s fair to say that the frustration of not being able to lose as much weight as I’d have liked in recent weeks has got me down a bit.

But after feeling sorry for myself, I took full advantage of the hot bank holiday by spending a bit of time in the sunshine to examine the positives.

As I thought about how much I had lost, it got me thinking about how much I’ve gained…

25th May 2018 0

Why my week now starts on a Friday

By David Walker

A few weeks from now it’ll be exactly one year since I got serious about losing weight.

It’s still sometimes hard to believe that I’ve come so far in such a relatively short period of time but I also have to remind myself that I’m far from being able to declare Mission Accomplished.

The truth is that I haven’t lost any weight for the past couple of months.

22nd May 2018 0

Breakfast bagels

By David Walker

After my quest to up my breakfast game, here is the recipe for my breakfast bagels. They’re pretty straight-forward to…

23rd March 2018 0

Beef stroganoff

By David Walker

This is my take on a classic beef stroganoff – but without the calories. Tender, lean Aberdeen Angus steak in…

16th March 2018 0

Pea and ham soup

By David Walker

It’s St Patrick’s Day this weekend, so in honour of the Emerald isle’s patron saint I wanted to cook something green.…