Lost 7, gained 7

Lost 7, gained 7

2nd June 2018 0 By David Walker

Last week I wrote about how I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with my weight and it’s fair to say that the frustration of not being able to lose as much weight as I’d have liked in recent weeks has got me down a bit.

But after feeling sorry for myself, I took full advantage of the hot bank holiday by spending a bit of time in the sunshine to examine the positives.

Hot dogs or legs?!! Ha! Enjoying the sunshine near Ullapool on Monday

Hot dogs or legs?!! Ha! Enjoying the sunshine near Ullapool on Monday

1. I’ve lost seven stone

Yes, okay, my weight has essentially remained the same for the past few weeks – but I’m still seven stone lighter than I was at the beginning of 2017. I know that I’ll never, ever be back to how I was. I need to remind myself to regularly compare how I looked and felt then and now to keep me motivated to push forward and achieve more.

2. I’m healthier than I’ve been for a very long time

I’ve been really lucky that so far – touch wood – I haven’t suffered from any illnesses as a result of being overweight. The risk of obese people developing type 2 diabetes has never been so well known, so when I was at my heaviest I was pretty convinced that it was going to happen to me. That still wasn’t enough to make me stop eating, of course.

On a recent trip to see my GP, he told me he was keen to run some blood tests – just to check that everything was as it should be.

They ran seven different tests including checking my blood sugar, cholesterol and insulin. The results across all seven measures came back as “normal – no further action required”.

3. I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been – not just physically

Doing an average 4 or 5 gym sessions per week has undoubtedly made me stronger and fitter. I’ve still got weight to lose, but my arms, legs and shoulders are more defined than they’ve ever been. The effect on my mental health has been striking too. I’m a naturally positive and happy person – and I’m good at projecting that, even if I haven’t always felt that way on the inside. Over the past year, I’ve had to do much less pretending because losing weight has definitely given me a boost.

4. I am sleeping better

Eating well and drinking plenty of water have helped me to sleep better. I used to eat late at night and feel bloated, whereas now my meals are lighter and balanced better. I exercise most evenings so I’m ready for bed at a more sensible time. The upshot is less daytime tiredness and in the last 12 months I haven’t once had to have a daytime nap – even when working an early shift.

5. I’ve got more energy

As a direct result of sleeping better, I have much more get-up-and-go. I used to be happy to slouch on the sofa watching rubbish TV every night. Now, my Sky box is regularly running out of space due to a backlog of shows I’ve series-linked but haven’t had a chance to watch.

6. I’m more confident

I used to feel so different. Can I sit on that wobbly garden furniture without it collapsing under me? How long are the seatbelts on this plane? Is everybody looking at me?

Being fat gave me a very good lesson in not giving a sh*t what anyone thought of me, but now I don’t feel that I need to deploy that defence nearly as often. It’s given me a massive confidence boost.

7. I’m ready to take on a new challenge

12 months ago, if you’d asked my friends, family and colleagues to predict the likelihood of me deciding to become a fitness coach, they would probably still be laughing. And I don’t blame them. There is absolutely zero chance that the old me would have uttered those words.

But here’s the thing: I want to get a fitness instructor qualification.

True story.

I want to help people who are struggling with their fitness and nutrition. When I launched Dinnspiration in January, it was to share some stories and my recipes. Now, thanks to Jamie Tulloch, I have the chance to really make a difference.

Facebook post

If you live in (or near!) Inverness, I’d love to see you at my new Friday night class. Please email me for more details – and if you need convincing, just look at the happy/petrified faces of the guys who came along to my first class last week at the top of the page!

This is just the first step to becoming a qualified instructor and I’m buzzing to learn more over the coming weeks and months.

So, this weekend, when I’m beating myself up for having an extra treat, I’ll just remind myself that while I’ve lost seven stone, I’ve actually gained a whole lot more.