5 ingredients (or fewer!)

5 ingredients (or fewer!)

Pasta and rice are essential store-cupboard staples in my 5 ingredients recipes

Pasta and rice are essential store-cupboard staples in my 5 ingredients recipes

When planning my food every week I’ve become obsessed with producing healthy, tasty meals that have hardly any ingredients in them. I almost challenge myself to see how good it can taste by keeping the number of ingredients to a minimum – but could I go as low as 5 ingredients?

5 seems to be the magic number – an idea that Jamie Oliver seems to have had in 2017 too. I reckon I had it first (unless Mr Oliver’s lawyers are reading this…!)

I used to think that the more you ingredients you put in food the tastier it would be – but I soon discovered that it’s not always the case (don’t get me started on the abomination that is 3 cheese macaroni!).

Just 5 ingredients? Really?

All of my 5 Ingredient recipes also contain some store-cupboard essentials. But before you start ranting and raving that there are technically more than 5 ingredients – take a look at the list below; these are things you’ll already have at home. And if you don’t, you should.

Every week when I write my shopping list I always check to make sure I have enough of all of these ingredients. Look out for special offers and stock up!


It doesn’t really matter whether it’s olive or vegetable, coconut or peanut – just make sure you adjust the calories accordingly.


Don’t muck about getting it fresh. Life’s too short to be peeling and chopping garlic in every recipe – get the jar of pre-chopped garlic and keep it in the fridge. One teaspoon is the equivalent of one garlic clove. Simple.


See above… buy the jar of pre-chopped chilli. One teaspoon = one small chilli. Boom!

Tomatoes: Puree and Tinned

I’ve lumped these in together because they go hand-in-hand when making a tomato-based sauce. Keep stocked up and you’ll be able to whip up a sauce in no time.


Buy a big bag, as big as you can carry. It’s not going to go off anytime soon and the more you buy the cheaper it gets.


Same story as the rice: you’re going to go through plenty of it so make sure you always have some kicking about.

My favourite 5 Ingredients recipes